Learn To Shoot A Basketball With Confidence, Consistency, Accuracy! 

Let's Face It, Many Students Where Not Taught

How To Properly Shoot A Basketball!

Now Anyone Can Learn To Shoot A Basketball in 3 Easy Steps!

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This course will teach you, step by step, how to double if not triple your skills over the next 30 days, or YOUR MONEY BACK!

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The Secret To The Sure Shot!


It’s crucial that both players and parents recognize the importance of learning proper fundamentals. The Dumb Waiter Drills ebook hits on this perfectly, by teaching young shooters the proper shooting form and technique in 3 super easy steps!


Train Hard, Train Smart!


Another philosophy of ours is if you "Train Hard, Train Smart". Now tracking progress is about to get a lot easier thanks to ShotBuddy, a Mobile App we’re developing that allows student-athletes to track their shooting performance on the court in real-time.

See What You Can't See!


Our newly proposed web app ShotAnalyzer will use Artificial Intelligence to track the shooting form of young basketball players in order to help them improve their shooting form for greater accuracy, and consistency, when it comes to shooting on the court.

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